Magento and The Things You Need To Know

Magento and The Things You Need To Know

Although there are more than 110,000 live e-commerce websites worldwide, there is only top 1% of ecommerce sites generate 34% of total ecommerce revenue. And these 1% e-commerce sites include some of the biggest players in the market like ebay, amazon, alibaba, etc. Having said that, there is still scope for Small and Medium sized e-commerce enterprises to scale their business from national to international level. This is where open source ecommerce technology can be of immense help. Magento and other ecommerce technology platforms (especially the open source ones), have been a boon for SMEs who have now a cost effective way to overcome the ecommerce technology hurdle. Here is the market share of most of the popular ecommerce technology platforms, as per a research report by Aheadworks.

But Magento being the leader and the most robust platform, helps budding entrepreneurs develop their e-commerce websites with extensions available for every need that the core software doesn’t fulfill. Magento does it all – be it understanding the algorithms of Google for SEO friendly website or automation of your various email marketing campaigns. Creating and managing enterprise level ecommerce websites is easy with Magento. And that’s why we (and millions of others) love Magento.

So if you are starting out with magento, we have some help for you! In this infographic we have listed down all the necessary steps so that you don’t really get stuck at any stage and get a head start with your Magento ecommerce development.

Source: Biztech


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