SM Categories 2x

SM Categories is built fully responsive layout to adapt perfectly all device resolutions. Coming with range of other options in the back-end, this module would be a perfect solution for front-end showcase of products with title, description, price, add to cart, add to wishlist, add to compare…
This guide will help you install SM Categories.


This module is fully compatible with Magento Community Edition version 2.1.x.


To install this module you must have a working version of Magento already installed. If you need help installing Magento, follow below sites and tutorials from magento, hope everything that you need are there.

  • System Requirements - Required system credentials for your magento installation.
  • Installation Guide - Installation guide that describes how to install magento2.
  • Online Magento 2 guide - Online magento documentation that describes about magento2 in detail.
  • Magento Forum - Magento forum site.
  • stackoverflow - You can also get some useful articles from stackoverflow.


  • Step 1: Download and extract the extension’s package on your computer and navigate inside the folder.
  • Step 2: Upload the folder named as app from the package to the root of your Magento site on your server
  • Step 3: To active SM Categories, go to root of your site using putty or others.
    • 1. Please type the following command into the dialog to active module:
    • 2. After running successfully the first command, type the following command into the dialog to flush cache on our Magento store

  • Step 4: Go to Administration page to configure the extension
  • Important Note:

    • After installing extension, you should logout first and then login Admin Panel to ensure all functions work normally.
    • You should disable all caches in cache management in the installation and configuration process.


4.1 Layout Demo

You could see the appearance of SM Categories module as following:

4.2 How to show “SM Categories” module?

  • If you want to display this module on any page that you want, please go to Content -> Page -> Edit Home page item ->Tab Content, add this code to a position:

4.3 Module Configuration

Note: We used the images of module’s installtion on Magento 2.1.x to illustrate

In the Administrator Page, navigate to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration and find SM Categories to configure.

Let’s look at the parameter in detail:

General Options

  • Enabled Extensions: Enable or disable the module displaying on Frontend area.
  • Title: Enter the title of the module.
  • For Example:

Source Options

  • Select Categories: Allow you to select Category
  • Category Limitation: Allow to set category limitation.
  • 4.4 How to override the configuration in backend?

    Let’s start override the configuration, go to Content -> Page -> Edit Home page item ->Tab Content

  • How to override “Title” param.
    In tab Content, add this code title_module="Title of module"
  • How to override “Select Category” param.
    In tab Content, add this code select_category="21,9,3"
  • How to override “Category Limitation” param.
    In tab Content, add this code limitation="2" or limitation="3"...


Thank you so much for using this module, your support is truly appreciated. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this document, please feel free to contact us via our Support Tickets System