Sp Countdown Timer

This guide will help you install Sp Countdown Timer module step by step.


1 Installation – Back to top

  • Firstly, you must install Prestashop version 1.6.x. Please Click Here to read more about How To Install Prestashop version 1.6.x
  • Secondly, prepare for installing the Sp Countdown Timer. The installation contains 5 steps as following:

Step 1: Login to your Prestashop admin panel and Go to Back Office >> Modules >> Modules. At the top of the page, click the Add a new module button.

Step 2: Click “Choose a file” button to select your module .zip file “sp_countdown_timer_p1.6-res_v1.0.0.zip” that you have downloaded and then click “Upload this module” button.

Step 3: The new module will be located in the module list. Search the name of module and Click on the Install button to install the module.

Step 4:You will see a notification messages, please click “Proceed with the installation” button to finish the installation process.

Step 5: The uploading process will be started. You will see the message “the module was successfully downloaded”.

2 Configuration – Back to top


Below is a complete interface of SP Home Slider module

Please find to the module that you have completely installed to configure this module.

The parameters are divided into the following groups:


Let’s look at the parameters in detail:


    • Title – Input title for the module.
    • Module Class Suffix – A suffix is applied to the CSS class of module. This allows for individual module styling.
    • Display Title – Enable/Disable title of module.
    • Display Button Close - Allow to Enable/Disable button close.
    • Status – Set status enable/disable for the module.
    • Hook into – Select Hook into in list box. Please click Here to read more How To Create Custom CMS Hook Page.
    • Content - Allow to set content of module.
    • To - Allow to set date with format 10-30 and Countdown timer = input date - current date

3SUPPORT – Back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing this module. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Support Tickets System

Thanks so much!